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Inner Peace

Hopefully this works as well for you as it has for me. I truly feel if you give it a try it will work for anyone.

Some of what I share was learned from various people, the rest was given to me by theMaster of Life. I feel the Creator made events fall into a certain order so I could see exactly what I should learn and in what order. So, that I could in turn share this with you. This has been a seven year journey for me, but I have suffered a traumatic brain injury and a brain surgery several years after the injury. I've just removed your excuse for failure, but I guarantee that if I can do this, you will succeed as well. (and in much less time)Please realize, that inner peace is NOT caused by any outside source. No person, event, or place can cause inner peace. They can only help inner peace to well up inside you. Once inner peace has filled you. You feel at peace and in balance with everything around you, almost effortlessly. But how do we find inner peace?

Like happiness, inner peace cannot be found, only cultivated inside You. The steps I list below are exactly how I cultivate inner peace. If you follow these steps, in this order, you should have the same results. Please complete steps one through four before adding steps five, six and seven.

1. Look up acceptance in the dictionary. I thought I knew what this word meant... I was wrong. A fuzzy definition of acceptance will slow you down, it did for me.

2. No one is perfect! I'm not, your not, no one is. You can also look at it the way I do, it really helped me to accept that no one's perfect. Plus it adds a little humor and removes some pressure of expectations. "We as a race of humans are Fundamentally Insane." There is no normal behavior. Also, if your not living in Balance you are... off balance.

3. ACCEPT that You Cannot Control people, places, or things. You'll go nuts trying to do this.

4.Keep all of your Expectations Low. High expectations are just future resentments. Both resentment and High expectations are obstacles to inner peace. The above I learned from others, either directly being told, or from putting tid-bits into practice. The rest was asked of me by the Creator. Before you dismiss this, just finish reading please. I can hear the Creator, it's not a special gift. ANYONE can do it. But that is a different blog altogether.

5. One day in prayer for peace, for myself. The Creator challenged me to not say Anything mean or hateful about anyone for 1 day. Well, for a while I could only make it to about 8:30 or 9 am, five days a week, the first week or two. Then 1 full day passed and I had done it. I didn't speak one mean or hateful word about anyone. I was proud of myself.

6. I took my success to the creator. Creator's response was... Now don't THINK anything mean or hateful about anyone. And let go of one small fear each day. This step is a bit more difficult than the last, but, not impossible. If you can clear your head of mean thinking for just a little while inner peace grows like mad. When you are at Peace you can let go of a fear much easier, by rationalizing it all the way through. Most fears are based in lack of knowledge or from an incident in our past. Confront them and be rid of them. One by one Start SMALL. As you build up you will have gotten rid of so many small fears that the bigger ones are easier than ever before.

7. Ask yourself at the end of each day, "Was I a better person today than, yesterday? " I have this on a note card taped to the mirror of my chest of drawers. So I see it before I go to bed. This is how I measure progress. then...Thank the Creator for His help. And praise Him. Please Consider, building a relationship with Him. He is the only one with PEACE ON-TAP when you're stressed out.

What I have done is a serious challenge for me, as it will be for some folks who try this. But I can tell you I've been doing this for some time. And it's not easy to pull off all 7 steps all day long. BUT, it's not about perfection, it's about Progress. Just attempting these 7 steps will definitely help you to experience more Peace in your day to day life. I hope that you find this information useful in your lives. If I've been unclear or you have any questions PLEASE message me. I'm happy to help.

Thank You. May You always Know the GREATEST PEACE and TRUEST LOVE David Beck

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