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Hey friends! Here's a little bit about the nuttier than a squirrel turd artist you are following. My 3 flutes. My favorite and most used is a one in the entire world flute. Her name is Medicine Elk. My second is a tiny little thing. The Navajo maker named it duck. After I tweeted it to my liking it's name is Little Bird. My 3rd flute was the first flute I ever received. Was a gift from my wife. An inexpensive "learning flute." One of my dogs ate it. It took 6 hrs to glue the pieces together. I have to make a4 inch extention. I painted it black. Because like me it died and came back ( more on that later) It is a d and sounds so mellow. Now, my gigs 2/3 rds of my sets are improvised. I play rotating songs from 1st CD. But, I usually throw some improv into those. I want to connect to those that come to listen. I push myself to try and reach people on a deeper level. Hopefully on a Spiritual level. All through Traditional based music fused with my own style. I also was entrusted with 2 songs believed to be ancient. Possibly before columbus. I hope this gives some insight to who I am and how I strive to share Love on a deeper level than most are used to. I also employ Traditional stories to give me a break lol and to share my Heritage with all who desire to listen. Many Blessings D

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